Last weekend I attended the Toledo Wooden Boat Show. A great time was had by all and the weather was perfect.

Every year at the boat show Kelly Thibodeaux hosts a fiddle workshop on Saturday afternoon, and I’ve meant to take a closer look the last couple of years, but was just too busy. This year there was a man selling stringed instruments, including fiddles, up in the parking lot and I decided that this would be the year I would give it a go. Kelly was there when I was paying and promised to knock 2-3 months off my learning curve if I took his workshop. Kelly pronounced my fiddle “pretty good” and recommended I get some better strings for it. That 2 minutes was the happiest my poor fiddle has sounded so far, but practice will improve my technique, so I’m not discouraged.

Here’s Kelly and the Etouffee Band in action –

Which prompted a bit of YouTube research to find fiddle demonstrations and lessons, which led to (as these things always do) the discovery of many styles of violin (etc.) music.

This is “cross-over classical” music –

So, I’ve taken up the fiddle –

No videos yet – the cat still leaves the room when I start to play, so it will be awhile before I share any of this Crazy with the Internets, but know that my neighbors are suffering as I practice 😉