Spend any time at all at The Fiddle Hangout and you’ll soon discover links to new and upcoming performers as well as source material for classic, old-time, blues and bluegrass and anything fiddle. Follow a few links around and you’ll end up on YouTube eventually and discover something totally unexpected. I promise.

It wasn’t long before I found the Carolina Chocolate Drops and Snowden’s Jig

Better check to see if you have a soul if that haunting melody fails to move you!

Of course, it’s well beyond my abilities at this time, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to be able to play it. A bit of searching around and I discovered that they’ve published a songbook

Perfect! I downloaded some free tab paper to transpose the song so I can learn it phrase by phrase without having to read the music because trying to do three things at once is not very helpful at this point.

Working on this song introduced me to the wonders of scordatura, or cross-tuning. This fiddle thing really has no limits, does it? Justin’s fiddle is cross-tuned to GDgd so having two fiddles is a must 🙂 I keep the electric fiddle cross-tuned and the wood fiddle on traditional GDAE tuning and alternate between the two when practicing. I have plain black tapes on the fingerboard of the electric to help mark where the notes are located. So far it’s working okay – the fiddles are different, but I’m too green to be bothered by it yet. As time goes on I expect to develop a favorite, but not today.