A Holiday weekend is the perfect time to go surfing about on YouTube. The same videos never seem to come up twice, and you never know where a search will take you, even if you’ve done the very same search many times. It’s incredible, really. So, I was surfing around and ran upon this video from Lora at Red Desert Violin. I really, really want a digital recorder, and the chance to win one was too good to pass up. (The contest is over now but a winner has yet to be announced – cross your fingers for me πŸ™‚

Anyway. Lora was nice enough to comment on my response video (which I’m not linking here because it’s not exactly a work of art and I’m not ready to unveil my playing yet) and direct me to her website and a couple of other very helpful videos, like this one about colle movement exercises –

Which really made the wrist/finger movements make sense to me as a beginner. Lora’s language is accessible for someone who doesn’t speak Classical Violin, yet she never condescends.

If you are an adult beginning violinist (or any other sort of violinist) you need to head over to Red Desert Violin and check out the articles, tutorials and videos. Lora has a wealth of information on the site and she’s so enthusiastic about the violin that it’s contagious.