Today Brandon came over to the house to “play boats” and he came bearing gifts –

Not one, but two violin molds and a copy of Bruce Ossman’s “Violin Making a Guide for the Amateur.” He found the molds at a yard sale (!!!) being sold by the son (?) of a local luthier. Why don’t I ever stumble upon such great sales?

Quick comparisons confirm that both molds are sized to build a 4/4 violin and neither of them matches the pattern from either Strobel’s or Ossman’s books. The mold on the left has fuller curves on the lower end, and the mold on the right is a bit straighter at the upper curves. There are no marks on the pieces to hint at what maker they imitate so the finished product will be a total surprise.

Both molds appear to have been used many times and have some rough edges that will have to be dealt with before they are put into service again, but I expect these molds to form Fiddle #2 and Fiddle #3.

It turns out that Brandon plays the cello and his wife, Virginia, has played violin since the age of 10. Being a woodworker, Brandon thought he might be interested in building a violin but has since changed his mind – lucky me!

Thanks, Brandon!