After letting the dry-fit purfling sit overnight in the purfling grooves today I glued it in. This is my setup –

I found the parts for heating and keeping the hide glue hot at a local thrift store. Grand total of $2.24 US. Worked like a charm! A “real” glue pot will cost you considerably more, but we’re cheap Scotch frugal around here. Notice the drum carder in the background, a reminder of one of my other habits

The purfling came out of the grooves easily and stayed in its curved shape very well. The glue was applied with a tiny brush and excess wiped off the plates of the fiddle.

All in all the hide glue was easy to use and this part of the project took about half an hour.


The next step will have to wait until a finger plane arrives in the mail – there’s no easier way to take the purfling down to the same level as the top without risking damage to the plates and they are just so darned cute that I have to have one…