Today marked a significant step in the fiddle build – planing the purfling down to the level of the top. The 10mm finger plane needed to be honed before use, and a new waterstone did the job perfectly. The finger plane is really the best tool for this step as the purfling is quite stiff and hard to work down. Maybe next time I’ll  make my own purfling to avoid having stiff glue between the layers of purfling wood. Or maybe I’ll just buy purfling that’s made with the proper glue 🙂

It was very easy to leave marks from the plane in the soft spruce wood of the belly. The maple of the back stood up to my wobbles much better.

The corners are far from perfect, but I’m adopting del Gesu’s rather cavalier attitude toward purfling and tool marks for the simple reason that Done is so much better than Perfect for a first effort.

The next step is to thickness the top and I’m still on the fence about it. These kits are notorious for having plates that are much too thick as noted in a previous post. Being cheap scotch frugal I’m having trouble parting with the cash for a proper luthier’s caliper and will be taking another route. Success or failure to be documented another day.