The channel has been gouged, scraped and sanded* to what’s close enough to perfection –

As Robert said to me, “Lots of making is about casting the ugliest shadows until there aren’t any.” The pictures show a few more shadows that need to be worked out.

 The corners aren’t perfect and the channel isn’t either, but it’s good enough for what it is.

This picture really shows how the grain runs in opposite directions –

I don’t know how that will affect the final look…
* Yeah, I know! Sandpaper is not something to use on a fiddle! The problem is that the grain runs in opposite directions on each side of the top, making scraping very difficult to keep uniform between the sides, so I made the decision to use sandpaper for the sake of uniformity. I may still use a damp cloth to raise the grain and do a final scraping, but then again, I may not.