As you recall, I ordered a fitting set back at the beginning of this project. To refresh your memory, the pieces looked like this –

Doryman has convinced me to use the black tuning pegs and end button that came with the kit, which will save a lot of time (and the expense of buying a peg shaver and reamer) and will make a nice contrast to the lighter parts of the finished fiddle, but the kit did not come with a tailpiece, and my original plan was to keep the fittings as light as possible, so I ordered this boxwood set.

The wood hasn’t been stained or dyed, but it does have some sort of shiny finish that has a bit of color in it. Some time with a sheet of 220 grit sandpaper and the tailpiece now looks like this (un-sanded chinrest for comparison) –

I’ll finish it the same way as the fingerboard, hopefully making them dark brown while the main body of the fiddle is as natural as possible with black pegs and end button. I kinda like the small knots in the tailpiece…