The fiddle kit arrived with the ribs constructed and glued to the back –

The dark pencil marks outline the (machine?) graduation limits. As you can see, the graduation does not line up with the bottom of the ribs and is asymmetrical, both top to bottom and left to right at the edges.


The wood grain of the corner blocks runs in several directions, which I hope won’t be an issue.


The linings were obviously installed after the corner blocks were trimmed, projecting over the blocks but meeting (with a slight gap) the top and bottom blocks. Strobel recommends installing the linings before the blocks are cut to shape. There are a few gaps between linings and ribs, but the whole structure is pretty rigid. I’ve read that loose linings can cause a buzzing, but will wait until it’s all assembled and strung up to worry about it.

The glue used to join back and ribs is NOT hide glue, as a simple water test determined. It’s hard, semi-clear and does not come off easily. Sigh. More sanding…

Top and bottom blocks are shaped and the end-pin hole has been drilled and reamed and the end-pin fitted.

The inside surface is smooth, with little sanding to do, but the asymmetry of the graduation will have to be addressed before the top is glued on. Thankfully the thickness is nice and even.