Back when I stripped the goopy finish off the fingerboard, I took off the nut provided with the kit and found it to be a pale wood with a layer goopy black crap on top. While it fit the fingerboard, it was too thin and the wood didn’t look good either. Luckily, I had never planned to use it and had bought a bone nut blank to match the saddle –

As the picture shows, the bone blank will need quite a bit of work to get it to the proper size and shape, and that can only be done with the fingerboard and nut attached to the neck –

Okay, so my clamping set-up isn’t exactly pretty, but it works and it was cheap 🙂 I’m sure there’s a special clamp you can buy for $68 that would make this particular procedure easy, but here at Chez Cheap we won’t be spending that kind of money for such a specialized tool.

Rubber bands and a few carefully placed scraps of dowel hold the nut in place while the hide glue dries.