There is a small pressure ding at the arrow above – it was obviously put there by a sharp knock with something fairly hard. It came out of the box with this blemish. It could be left as-is, but why pass up an opportunity to try out a repair method? Somewhere on the ‘net (forgot to bookmark the site) there is a tutorial about using an iron and a wet towel to steam out a dent just like this one.

Here’s a closer look at the dent –

In size, it’s about 3/8″ long, and 1/16″ deep with smooth edges, no broken grain lines. I used a wet, folded paper towel and a soldering iron, figuring that my big sewing iron would be awkward to use and would leak hot water where it wasn’t needed.

Gentle taps over the dent with the soldering iron produced a hiss of steam and results very quickly with not much water on the rest of the top.

The end result was a raised spot where the dent had been. Surprising, until I remembered that the dent had not been scraped – duh! it was sunk lower than the rest of the face during the scraping…

A bit of gentle scraping after it was dry and the dent has totally disappeared! Amazing, really. Much more troubling is the yellow-ish shadow around the edges that only shows up in photographs. There is obviously a very thin remnant of glue that needs to be scraped off…