Once upon a time, long, long ago, in a small mill town in Oregon, there lived an angry teenager who developed a love for Heavy Metal music. It was the 80’s, MTV was the latest craze (remember when they played music videos all day and all night?) and head-bangers with long hair and tight pants ruled the airwaves. Try as she might, she just couldn’t learn to like Metallica and her Heavy Metal Education was fated to be incomplete.

And then one day she picked up the fiddle. A whole new world spread before her as late night YouTube explorations led down some very interesting roads. Crossover Classical. Classical Classical 🙂 Old Time string band. Fado. Ukuleles. Guitar. And most recently cello. Not just any cello music, but Metallica covers played by classically trained musicians. You have to see it to believe it –

Apocalyptica was formed by four students of the Sibelius Academy of Helsinki in 1993 as a creative outlet and soon led to an album of Metallica covers. Six albums later, their sound and line-up has changed the group has matured and they have a huge worldwide following. Even if you don’t care for heavy metal, you have to appreciate musicians who can make thrash metal sound so lovely.

Do you have a favorite instrumental “cover” group? Please share in the comments…