Last week we took a look at a Traditional fiddle tune called Red Wing and asked who wrote the “original” music that inspired Red Wing, Union Maid and others.

Robert Schumann, a pianist and composer of the Romantic period, wrote The Happy Farmer as part of his Album for the Young (OP 68) in 1848 for his three daughters. The album consists of 43 simple tunes designed for children and beginners to learn the piano. It has since appeared in countless films and been transposed and adapted for many instruments, including Suzuki’s version for his Book 1 violin course

Tell me that isn’t the cutest thing you’ve seen today! Here’s the original piano sheet music –

And Suzuki’s adaptation for violin –

At first glance, they don’t look much like the sheet music for Red Wing. Have a look at this twin fiddle performance and listen for bits of Red Wing and The Happy Farmer passed back and forth –

The faster tempo and addition of grace notes are the main differences in the two tunes – the melody stays pretty much the same.

What do you think about classical pieces being “adapted” for fiddle? Yea or Nay?