I missed last week’s Fiddlers on Friday due to circumstances beyond my control, so today we’ll catch up with one of my favorite songs played by one of my favorite groups, Bellowhead. The tune is called New York Girls and, like so very  many folk songs, its origins are rather obscure. Here’s Bellowhead’s version –

Jon Boden sings lead vocals and has completed his project A Folk Song a Day where he posted a traditional folk song every day for a year with the recordings available in 12 albums as well as on his website. Great stuff!There are many versions of the lyrics for New York Girls and several sources for the tune’s origins, but I could find only one version of the music –

Here’s a link to a Mudcat.org discussion about the origins of the song that is very interesting. The Mudcat Cafe is a huge resource for traditional tune origins and lots of discussion that everyone should visit. Rag Fair is another song in a related vein – those sailor’s just couldn’t seem to learn 🙂

Yet another tune on my To-Learn list!