I had no intentions of acquiring another violin. Really I didn’t. The kit isn’t here yet, but has been ordered and I fully intend to build my next instrument. But. Well. Sometimes these things just happen, right? It’s not my fault, it’s fate!

A friend and I made a trip to the local music store, Red Lotus Music to see what they carry in fiddle strings and I spied one of these laying on the counter.

The darned thing just called out to me that it wanted to go home with me and teach me to jam like a rock star. As if! I walked away. And then came back. I tightened up the bow and drew it across the strings. The sound was pretty quiet, much less noise than my wood fiddle, even with a mute. Hmmmm…This has practice possibilities, I thought. A few more strokes with the bow and it became clear that the tone was better than my wood fiddle, too. Hmmmmm…

I put the bow down and walked away again. My friend was ready to go, wallet in hand, waiting for his total at the cash register.

“You’re going to buy that electric fiddle, aren’t you?” he asked.

“Of course not!” I replied, “I have a fiddle…” while I looked once more over my shoulder at the strange thing whispering from across the room.

He signed as I bounced over to close up the case and bring it to the register. I couldn’t help myself.

I think I may have a problem. Is there a cure for Fiddle Acquisition Syndrome? Everyone I ask just laughs and laughs…