Put it down – it’s not yours!


The Amati copy violin is back together.

The pegs look Right with the color of the varnish. The new bridge is holding its shape nicely.

The strings are stretched and holding pitch. I e-mailed Brandon to let him know it was back together. His reply?

“I’ve been busy…I’ll come by next week some time. Or maybe the following week…Enjoy playing it.”
Uh-huh. He is obviously using some sort of psychological manipulation on me, hoping I’ll fall in love with her and pay whatever price he asks so that she can stay here with me where she belongs.
I will be strong. I will put her back in her case to await the return of her real owner. After one more song…


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Although it may seem like there isn’t much new here on Ye Olde Blog, behind the scenes the Research Department has been working hard to consolidate the million and one links clogging up the bookmarks menu on the web browser into a one stop source of inspiration for my readers.

Have you ever noticed the tabs right above the most recent post? No? Let me call your attention to them now, as they contain important information. Okay, they are not all totally ready for public consumption, but the Free Music Sources page is loaded with links to free tunes from around the world in various formats.

For those of you who learn by listening there are links to sites with MP3 files, sorted by genre (Old-Time, Irish/Celtic/Scottish, Bluegrass, etc.)

Prefer “dots?” There’s plenty for you, too, also sorted by genre. ABC notation, MIDI and TAB sources are listed, as well as many links to free classical music sites.

Please drop me a note at catmccall at gmail dot com if you have a link to add to the growing list or if you’re looking for something specific.

Stay tuned for updates to the other pages…